Sevenrays healing sessions and training

Sevenrays healing session is the connection and staying of a human in the Universe flows of energy – energy from which everything – comes and where everything returns. Everything that is a man – is purified, is renewed, is restored and takes the form of healthy being. Sevenrays training is a series of several healing sessions. Sevenrays training enables a person to feel and study the Sevenrays effect with attention as if he got the transfer of knowledge in Sevenrays practice and mastered the skills and abilities available to all those who have already been trained.

Practical results of Sevenrays healing sessions and training:

Practical results of Sevenrays healing sessions are multidimensional in nature and so too is the Human being. An increase in vibration frequency in all energy centers of a person causes increasing of natural energy capacity – ability to provide the Light.

Here are some of the real, powerfully tangible practical results:

An increase in vibration frequency in all energy centers;

An increase in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength of a person;

Fast rest and recovery within a short period of time (less than 15 minutes);

Deep peace, quiet, relaxing, clarity;

Bringing hormones into balance;

Metabolism improvement;

An internal organ functions restoration;

Improvement of sight and its restoration;

Increasing in speed and clarity of thinking;

Clarity in taking vital decisions and a long-term vision;

Deep intuitive perception of the world around;

A thorough insight into everything;

Inner joy and glint in the eyes which will delight you and the people around you;

The desire to live and create…

For who?

For the person who wants to improve his:

- physical state

- peace of mind

- mental activity.

For the person who wants open new evolutionary perspective.

For the person who doubts that "all this can be", willing to know "how it works" and to feel the real effects of the Power of Light Energy.

INTRO CLASS: 067 510 67 08

To Be Shining, to Be, a LightBringer is Our Nature.

Night has finished – Day has started.

Master Nirdosh